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Career Network - Web Showcase | Stay connected on social media during times of social distancing

Apr 3, 2020 1:30:00 PM / by iA

Did you know that the Web Showcase is more dynamic than ever during this extraordinary time?


Since the beginning of the crisis, we have created nearly 10 new Facebook and LinkedIn posts to give you adequate support. New posts will be added every week!


Make use of the Web Showcase available tools to increase your visibility, boost and maintain your relationship with your clients via the Web:

  • Create or modify your Personalized web page
  • Copy and paste your social media content from the Post Banks
  • Create your Personalized links for Peek-A-Boo, Kiddy Plan and Accifamily products
  • Consult our guides and tools to get started on and set yourself apart on social media:
    - How to create professional Facebook and LinkedIn pages
    - How to create and schedule posts
    - How to create ads
    - A bank of cover images available
    - And so much more!

Need help? Write to us at


Enjoy your Web Showcase!


  • Did you know that 73% of consumers want to learn more about insurance on an advisor’s website?
  • On the other hand, 67% would not work with an advisor who does not have a website1


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Written by iA