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Facebook | The best-kept secret for making a bigger impact

May 14, 2020 12:41:54 PM / by iA

In this time of social distancing and isolation, most people are spending even more time on social media. Take this opportunity to get even more followers on your professional page!


Here are two easy ways to expand your Facebook community:

  1. Invite your Facebook friends to like your professional page
  • Go to your page and click on Community in the left-hand column. You may have to click on See more.
  • In the left-hand column, click on Invite your friends to like [page name].
  • Type a friend’s name in the search bar and click on Invite beside the name.
  1. Invite people who react to posts on your page. Facebook gives you the possibility of inviting people who “Like” you posts to follow your page.
  • Go to one of your posts.
  • Click on the post’s Reactions section. A list of people who have “liked” your post will appear.
  • Click on Invite beside a person’s name to invite them to like your page.

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A few important Facebook numbers:

     - 83% of adult Quebeckers use social media

     - On average, Canadians spend 1h 48m per day on Facebook

     - 41% of users ask for advice

     - 35% of users ask for product and service recommendations


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Written by iA