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Career Network | “How To” capsules and Update – Best Practices Guide – Electronic Signature

May 22, 2020 11:45:17 AM / by iA

“How To” capsules | Quick tutorials

In recent weeks, our teams have worked tirelessly to develop tools to help you manage the new daily reality of non-face-to-face selling. 

Their top objective is to ensure that you are self-reliant and effective.

That is why we’ve quickly developed and released our “How To” capsules. They provide a wealth of information about the tools you use every day.

iA Campus, your go-to training resource

As a financial security advisor, be sure to visit the iA Campus on a regular basis to help you optimize your time and exert total control over your business development.

Make it your trusted source for:

  • Tutorials and user guides for technology tools
  • Ideas, models, and discussion relating to the art of selling
  • Reference documents for concepts and products
  • And much more

Logging in

To get to know the training platform or to view the “How To” capsules, go to Advisor Centre > Tools and applications > Online training > iA Campus/Non-face-to-face sales.

The capsules are also available on our microsite at Please go to Your tools and Procedures and FAQ to view them.

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Update – Good Practices Guide – Electronic Signature

Good news, our Best practices guide – Electronic signature has been upgraded, with each tool now including an illustration of all eligibility criteria for electronic signing.

Tip: Before sending electronically signed documents, be sure to meet all of the detailed eligibility criteria in the guide. That way, you’ll prevent needless back-and-forths, and your documents can be processed expeditiously.

Thanks for your support!

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Written by iA